Song of The Deep

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Song of The Deep - The Legend of Little Fur

Book Collaboration project with award-winning Author & Illustrator Isobelle Carmody.
I grew up reading Isobelle’s books. They inspired me greatly at different times, then I met her at Gorman House, and we began this ongoing conversation as fellow creators. On a later visit, she helped and guided Lucy and I with our project and although that project has yet to be completed - some works take a long time – I look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

One day, I asked her about illustrating something she had written. Since I have about fifty journals from the last 25 years illustrating every idea I’ve ever thought, I assumed she had journals piled to the rafters full of story ideas. It didn’t turn out to be so, but then she suggested a new little fur collaboration.
That honestly blew me away. I had been reading Little Fur and listening to the audiobooks with my daughter when she was younger and now, I had the chance to work on a new Little Fur adventure.

It was intoxicating and my imagination exploded with ideas. I set to work producing concept and visual style digital paintings. Isobelle responded to the images I sent her with more ideas. I think this method of exploring textures and colours helped the story start to take shape. Hopefully, my insistent emails and messages about the book didn’t interrupt her other projects too much but I also didn’t want to let this idea fade away like so many ideas do in life.

I am absolutely stoked that my illustrations provoked a story and that our project is progressing. I cannot wait to bounce ideas as we work towards a finished illustrated story.

Check out Isobelle's Website: https://isobellecarmody.net.au/