Oceanic Metropolis


140 x 190 cm
Edition 9

(editions 3/9 available)

This work is extremely detailed and took me over 2000 hours to complete.
I worked on this artwork over 2 years between 2021 - 2022.
The work was digitally drawn in Illustrator across 1-2 layers with the pencil tool.

The digital file crashed my laptop and PC desktop many times during the creation of the work and I feel it pushed the boundaries of what is possible with current vector software.

I think seeing this print in its physical form is important, as many details are not visible when seeing it online.

Talk to me about framing options. Happy to send it to any framer of your choice anywhere in Australia (free postage).

I can easily get you a quote for framing in ACT or if you would like to use your own framer. Framing cost for a decent quality frame is between $1400-2500, depending on quite a few variables like timber, acrylic type and other extra features which you could discuss with the framer.

Photo Credit: Andrew Sikorski