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House & Life Portraits

The Life & House Portrait project is a series of artworks in which I aim to capture the essence of homes – both the physical structure and appearance of each building, as well as the lives lived within them - which brings places alive. 

Each artwork will be inspired by a specific place, with the imagery built up from photographs and sketches of important objects and spaces within the location. Interviews with the people who call each place home, to access significant memories and moments could be included, as could nearby places of personal significance, such as a wetland or park. In this sense, each work is a portrait of the lives of the people within the dwelling, and their feelings about it, as much as a representation of the physical characteristics of the place.

The artwork will be created through a digital processes and may use some images you provide. Items could include house plans, drawings from your childhood, photos of long lost things, symbolic meanings, objections of affection, hidden messages and so much more. I want to make people smile when they see their own painting, remember the past and feel optimistic for the future.

The style, and elements to be included in the artwork will be established through a series of meetings to sketch the space, brainstorm ideas and record important memories. 

I envisage completing 10 - 15 (currently I've done 10 artworks) commissioned works of this type, culminating in an exhibition and a published book about the project in 2017/18. Each work will be exhibited, and each artwork featured in a publication about the project.

Single limited edition signed unframed print (editions negotiable)

Archival paper and pigment based inks, Canvas and other material options

  • High quality framing options also available.

A unique commissioned artwork

Print size negotiable

Working closely with me to create a personalized artwork to treasure.

Your work will be part of an exhibition in Canberra and a published book in 2017 - 2018

3-6 month project turn around.

If you are interested in finding out more, email or call.


Ph: 0466 376 255